Spring, in all its freshness, arrives earlier In London than here In Poland. The Spring flowers and the blossom of the trees helped to keep up the quick pace (set by the guide) of a small group of pupils as they traversed the royal parks of London.
Buckingham Palace, at the end of St. James’s Park, was the venue of the Changing of the Guard. This is always an impressive scene to first-time visitors to England’s capital.
The architecture of Westminster’s monuments made a deep impression on the visitors. The Abbey, home to England’s Christian culture for so many centuries, houses the tomb of St. Edward the Confessor. Its choir, with its beautiful Angliean chant, once heard is not easily forgotten.
The Houses of Parliament , termed as the “Mother of all Parliaments”, look perfectly at ease in its setting as the River Thames flows quietly by its embankment.
The views from the capsule of the London Eye provided an excellent opportunity, for those with a good camera and a keen sense of photography, to capture that special shot. It is said by some that Windsor can be seen on a clear day.
Hampton Court is a beautiful royal residence which lies on the banks of the River Thames. The atmosphere is charged with history and gives the impression that a Tudor monarch is about to arrive. Countless statesman have walked its corridors, and the fate of countless more was decided there. The fate of St. Thomas More, the fate of Henry VIII’s wives was all discussed within the palace’s walls. You can feel the passing of the ages.
The galleries and museums of London are a must. Their size and contents surprise foreign visitors. House could be passed in the halls and lecture theatres of the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum. The imagination is captured at every turn.
London is a beautiful city and its people are extremely friendly. These are only some of the things that pupils saw. Let us hope that it has whetted their appetite to return to this unique city.
It was an extremely happy band of travellers that returned home last week.